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Match Your Bestie

Big & Small


Match your mini me with these bow and scrunchie combos. Available in hand tied and traditional bow style. Perfect for mommy and daughter, niece and aunt, sisters, or whoever you choose to match!

Hair & Fur

Match your best fur friend with these combos. Available in:

  • Scrunchie and collar bandanna

  • Scrunchie and tie bandanna

  • Hand tied bow and bandanna

  • Traditional bow and bandanna

Perfect for showing how much your pup or cat means to you. You'll just about always catch me matching my dog in her Alli Dru's bandannas!​


Family Affair


It's okay to be a little extra, here

we celebrate it! Match your favorite little person and your favorite furry pal.

This Weeks Spotlight 

This sweet beast is Sully. Sullivan P. James, named after

James P. Sullivan of Monsters Inc. He is some sort of mix, with newfie, chow, and German shepherd, plus who knows what else. He is a pretty big guy, about 80 lbs, but is afraid of everything under the sun. His cowardice is part of his charm though!

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