About Alli Dru's

Every product is handmade with care by me.

This small business is a labor of love that formed from years of love of crafting. I've made bows for years with little use for them other than giving them to the preschoolers I taught and my two nieces. A year ago I finally decided to sell them and loved creating my business and making bows for friends and strangers alike. However a cross country move put things on hold, and I eventually decided to just let my business go. Recently I found myself deeply missing it and after being inspired to make a bandanna for my dog that matched a scrunchie I had made myself I found I couldn't stop thinking about opening my metaphoric doors again!

I am a 26 year old student who captions phone calls for the deaf and hard of hearing. I live in Texas with my supportive, loving husband and our beautiful dog Akela.

Thank you for you support.

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